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Project Description

fBeauty creates a new business model for fTV

Creating A New Business Model For Beauty Care

Everest Markething is an international provider of specialty retail concessions and shops in the US and Europe, specializing in beauty care with leading cosmetics and fashion brands. Everest decided to innovate a new venture with global brand FashionTV,to create a concept retail chain named fBeauty, based on the successful 400M viewers of the famous fashion TV channel.

We wanted to create a new concept for women everywhere, bringing in store, online and media based experiences for shoppers worldwide. Women could finally enjoy the total look experience.

Everest then called modelZ business architects to help with designing new and innovative business model options for the venture. They wanted different options, and a team of young managers and principals was formed to bring new ideas to the table.

Innovating Outside Of The Industry

During the 2 day Sprintshop™, the team of 25 managers from the company, created several new business models, inspired by Companies such as Starbucks, Costco, Tupperware and others. They discovered their customers through visual tools facilitated by Assaf Zur and Eli Ringer, and created disruptive value propositions for them.

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