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Project Description

IEC Utility IT Division Brings Innovation

 From Information to Innovation

The Israel Electric Corp. is the sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel and generates, transmits and distributes substantially all the electricity used in the State of Israel. The IT division is one of the strongest contributors to the company strategic innovation, collaborating daily with the production, engineering projects and logistics units of the company.

Yosi Shneck, the Senior VP heading this 1,000 employee division, had decided to use the Business Model Innovation methodology as part of the strategic shift the division is going through. Together with modelZ business architects, a group of 30 managers was formed to lead the business modeling initiative method internally.

for 2 full days with the modelZ team, they prototyped real scenarios bringing new business focused values to the engineering projects and customers division of the company. The goal was to create new offerings that would save substantial costs and improve the customer service for millions of consumers.

After the Sprintshop™ had concluded, the managers voted the wish to continue practicing internal innovation using the tools and the Business Model Canvas.

The managers also said their mindset was changed totally after the workshop, and that alignment was felt heavily in the room.

modelZ is working with them now to develop a business innovation center accelerator to make ideas get investments and turn into projects, after they have gone through the validation and business modeling phases.

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