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We help companies innovate and validate their business models to stay relevant. We help managers and entrepreneurs develop new skills and new mindset to obtain scalable future growth.


It’s time to innovate your business. It’s time to create new ideas and turn them into innovative business models. We have prepared the best tools for you to do it.


Get out of the building and test your ideas in the real world. We will get you prepared to validate with real customers, making sure you find your right business model.


Get your idea off the ground and turn it into a tangible business quickly. Innovate like a start-up and push the paddle to get to the finish line first. Disrupt your market first!


modelZ is an international strategy and business model design firm. We help established organizations and startup companies to design business models for their relevance in the future. Our approach is innovative, visual, refreshing and uses design thinking techniques and co-creation.

We are focused on delivering tangible results in order to obtain sustainable business models that accelerate the organization growth.

We help companies design a relevant business. Period


Our approach is innovative, visual, different and based on hard evidence experience using design thinking and co-creation as strong foundations. We are concentrated on delivering concrete and practical results in order to  impact the business of our clients for the short and long term.

We work together with cross-functional teams comprised of individuals from all parts of the organization. We provide design facilitation that frees up your team to do what they do best and to discover their strategic excellence.

We simply enable you and your business to become better, sharper and more profitable.

proud to be working with

“Business people don’t just need to understand designers better.

They need to become designers.”

Roger Martin, Dean. Rotman School of Management

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